Our mission: AML compliance for all.

Kerberos means digital AML compliance for all. It's an undesirable duty that we take off our clients' shoulders: Compliance with legal money laundering prevention measures. In Germany, often referred to as a "money laundering paradise", more than 100 billion euros are laundered every year. Regulators are responding to increasing international pressure by tightening money laundering laws. This also includes the expansion of the circles of obligated parties, which hits many sectors unprepared.

We see our task in supporting all obligated parties in the digital compliance with their legal requirements. This allows them to concentrate on their core business.


Companies serviced


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Christian Tsambikakis

Managing Directors

"Together we will provide all businesses in Germany and Europe with affordable access to digital money laundering compliance - for fast business without risks and worries."

What makes us special

360-degree service

Companies are slowed down in their daily business by money laundering regulations. We therefore offer simple, affordable and actionable compliance solutions as a digital subscription model.

Cross-sector expertise

Over 1,500 obligated parties across numerous sectors not only place their trust in us, but also serve as an example of our cross-sector expertise.


Our steadily growing team already has over 40 employees. We have specialists from the fields of law, IT, operations management, data analysis and compliance working hand in hand to create reliable and digital products.

Listed among the RegTech 100

by FinTech Global

Kerberos was named one of the world's most innovative Regulatory Techs on 07/12/2022.

Highest data-security

Certified by TÜV Austria in 2019

Since 2019, Kerberos has been certified according to the international standard ISO 27001, demonstrating particularly responsible handling of sensitive data.

Certified Compliance Management System (CMS)

Certified by TÜV Austria in 2022

Our compliance management system is one of the first to be ISO 37301 certified. We take our role model function seriously and set a good example.

Vision & Mission

Our customers should be able to conduct their business without obstacles and worries so they can focus on their core business. We want to digitise and automate compliance to the maximum, making it simple, affordable and feasible for everyone.

That is why we are working on a networked and user-friendly solution: We guide our clients through every step, making money laundering compliance possible for all obliged entities. Business partner checks (KYC), risk analyses, training and much more are carried out in the background for this purpose.

Our Approach

Kerberos AML desk

Subscription clients can digitally view and manage all their services - from risk analyses and policies to KYC queries and training - at a glance.

Onboarding is also made easier for new clients and compliance starters. For risk analyses, only a few questions need to be answered and documents uploaded. Kerberos takes care of the rest digitally and shortly.

Machine Learning in use for money laundering prevention

We strive to take workflow automation to the highest level, and to a level of quality that is almost impossible to achieve manually. We plan to improve the verification of transactions using machine learning - i.e. artificial intelligence.

IT systems are also to relieve even more of the burden in other processes such as submitting reports to the authorities or documenting measures.

We keep you up to date

Receive exciting information about Kerberos and the latest developments in money laundering compliance at regular intervals.

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