Entry requirements for certification as an anti-money laundering officer

There are no admission requirements to participate in our webinars.

Our instructors will provide you with a detailed overview of the entire subject matter. The time allocation, the training materials provided and the direct exchange with our experts also give beginners the opportunity to acquire all important knowledge and skills. No previous legal knowledge is required, neither by us nor by the authorities.

With regard to the recognition of personal requirements by the supervisory authorities, all participants are responsible for themselves in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

What can you expect during the certification examination by DEKRA Certification GmbH?

The lecturers are responsible for the concrete contents of the respective sub-areas. An examination question pool was created by them in advance, from which 40 examination questions are selected and examined by the certifier (DEKRA) using a random principle. This examination takes place on the fourth day of the seminar after the webinar and lasts 90 minutes. The examination questions cover all areas of the seminar content.

After passing the exam, the participant receives a certification certificate from DEKRA Certified GmbH.

Refresher course and recertification as money laundering officer

After successful certification, the validity of your Money Laundering Reporting Officer certificate expires after three years. Regardless of where you obtained your initial certification, you can apply for recertification from DEKRA up to three months after the expiry date. In order to obtain this recertification, DEKRA requires proof that you have attended at least one day of refresher training each year. We offer 1-day refresher courses and cover exciting and current content from the field of money laundering prevention. Our lecturers are experts in the field of compliance and are themselves active as money laundering officers. We look forward to welcoming you as a participant.

What can you expect during the certification examination for KYC Specialist by DEKRA Certification GmbH?

This exam takes place on the second day of the seminar and lasts 60 minutes.

It consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. At least 60% of the questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam. Participants have 60 minutes to answer the examination questions.

The Money Laundering Act is permitted as an aid.

What are the benefits of training as a KYC Specialist with Kerberos certifications?

The training and certification for know-your-customer specialists focuses on the identification and verification of customers and the assessment of risk upon entering into a business relationship.

Due to the ever-increasing requirements imposed on the supervisory obligations in the context of money laundering prevention, the supervisory and verification obligations of the KYC processes are also becoming significantly more complex and comprehensive.

Kerberos Compliance serves over 1500 obligated companies from various industries and has a 7-person intelligence team that deals with know-your-customer processes on a daily basis. Thanks to this experience and expertise, the training will provide you with the necessary know-how to carry out the KYC audit and at the same time fulfil the training obligations and advanced training requirements stipulated by the AMLA.

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