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In-depth knowledge for your employees

Training on money laundering and risk management, helps you and your staff to put theoretical money laundering prevention concepts into practice. In the course of inspections by the authorities, it is often also checked whether employees are regularly tested for their level of knowledge on topics such as KYC and due diligence.

Kerberos offers AML and other training as e-learning. Of course, training can also be conducted as on-site training. Our continuing education and training courses impart the compliance knowledge you need in a particularly practical and multimedia way via text, videos, quizzes and final tests with the award of a certificate.

The Kerberos Academy

Through the eLearning courses of the Kerberos Academy, we impart knowledge on topics such as money laundering prevention but also on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The training content is always industry-specific. In general, we offer training for all groups of obligated parties under the Money Laundering Act.

The multimedia modules consist of videos, slides as well as section end tests and module end exams. If training courses are successfully completed, you and your employees receive individualised certificates. As an employer, you can check the training status of your employees at any time and send manual training reminders in addition to the automated reminders. You can maintain the list of people in your company who are required to undergo training yourself as part of the package management, or you can commission Kerberos Compliance to update it.

Our training for money laundering prevention

The risk of becoming a victim of money launderers varies in every industry. The gateways for organised crime to enter can vary. Our lawyers specialising in money laundering are trained to identify the vulnerabilities of each industry separately.

In our seminars on money laundering prevention, we therefore not only impart knowledge on the phases and risks of money laundering, but also on how to more easily identify attempts at money laundering in your industry. We also provide you with a sound legal basis for money laundering prevention and your obligations. This will give you a deeper legal understanding and make it easier for you to plan further steps towards full money laundering compliance.

DEKRA-certified money laundering officers

We equip employees and managers from all sectors with the necessary expertise to act as certified and competent money laundering officers. The independent examination by DEKRA Certification GmbH guarantees the quality of the training content and the suitability of the graduates. You benefit in our training courses through exclusive access to a professional network of experts, inside views from crime prevention and criminal law enforcement as well as our practical and interactive workshops. The latter is ensured by our diverse lecturers. Among them are senior public prosecutors and specialised officers for money laundering and terrorist financing, investigators from the field of organised crime, experts for compliance and corporate security as well as other lecturers from the fields of financial crime, corporate fraud management, risk management, the prevention of money laundering and quality management.

We offer our money laundering officer training nationwide as online or face-to-face training via the Kerberos subsidiary "Kerberos Certifications".

You want to outsource the obligation to appoint a money laundering officer? Find out more here.

Kerberos Compliance develops all training independently. We retain control over training content, exams and ensure they are up to date. All current developments that also affect Kerberos' practical money laundering prevention and compliance services are incorporated directly into the training materials.

With our guiding principle "Compliance for all", we want to make money laundering compliance simple, affordable and feasible for everyone. Training is an important part of our work.

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